Sugar Loaf experienced by a local

I usually see tourists that want to go to the Sugar Loaf, but since it’s a touristy place, they charge you a fortune to take the cable car that goes up the mountain: R$53,00, last time I checked. I think the city needs tourism, of course, like any other city does, but it’s really too much for a 2-minute ride. The view up there is absolutely breathtaking, and you can get there for free.

Really? For free?

Yes! If you like hiking, you gotta do this. It won’t cost you anything and you’ll even get to do some exercise. ;)

Right, all you have to do is go to Praia da Urca. This is Urca beach:


The bigger mountain on the left is called the Urca mountain. The one on the right is the Sugar Loaf mountain. To get to the second one, you’d have to pay. But actually the view you get when you reach the top of the first mountain is pretty much the same you get when you reach the second one – it’s just slightly higher ;)

Right, so after you’ve gone for a swim (Praia Vermelha is so quiet and there are no waves like in Copacabana and Ipanema, so if you like quiet beaches then that’s the one for you.), turn left and look for this sign:


You’ll find it. So then keep walking until you find this sign:

ImageSo that’s when the hike starts. It’ll take you about 30-40 minutes and if it is raining, go on some other day. It can get really slippery and you don’t wanna fall down – the mountain is a bit steep so take some water with you. Now some other suggestions:

– try some açaí when you’re there [] – you can buy it at Rei do Mate, itcosts about 9 reais but a LOT of it is served (it’s good for 2)

– try some pão de queijo

– try our local drink caipirinhas, but not too many or you’ll get too drunk ;P

– maybe you’ll see lil monkeys along the way, so take your camera, they’re cute ;)

– take pictures when you’re up there, you’ll get to see the sunset and then the city lights as it gets dark

– take a walk around and check out the history of the Sugar Loaf there

I really hope you like this place, it’s one of my favorite places in Rio! ~


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