It’s beach time

Right, so I’m sure you know Rio is famous for its beautiful beaches. Actually, I will be honest here with you guys. Rio’s beaches are great, I love them… I will also tell you about my favorite beach in this post. But please, if you have the chance to go to other beach areas in the state of Rio, please make sure you visit: Búzios/Cabo Frio/Angra dos Reis & Ilha Grande… From the bus station (Rodoviária), you can take a bus to these cities and just feel completely in paradise… Here’s a quick pic of Lagoa Azul, a lake in Ilha Grande, which is an island in the city of Angra dos Reis:


But okay, if you don’t have time to visit those cities and you plan to be in Rio only, no problem. I will tell you a bit of the beaches you can visit.

First of all: be careful with the waves in Copacabana and Ipanema. They can be really tricky sometimes, so don’t go too far, you don’t want to feel like you’re in Baywatch… :) the sand can get really hot so you don’t have to take off your flip-flops as minute you make it there, otherwise you’ll be jumping like you’re in Carnival as your feet burn… :)

Second of all: take your lotion! Especially if you’re too white! You don’t want to get a sunburn, right? Remember you WILL get red if you don’t use it, even if you’re in the water all the time.

If you want a calmer beach and no waves at all, check my other post ( and you’ll find a picture of Praia Vermelha.

Beaches in the city:

Leme ->> Copacabana ->> Arpoador ->> Ipanema ->> Leblon (16km)

Copacabana on a sunny day


If you’re near a subway station, you can get off at Cantagalo or Siqueira Campos station. Don’t carry your camera around your neck, it’s obvious people will see you and think you’re an easy target. Don’t take too much money to the beach either, you won’t need much. Maybe take something to eat as a snack, and get something to drink there. Make sure you get some água de coco (it’ll cost you about R$4,00 or less. Make sure you say AH-gwa dji COku – that is, say COku (“co” is the stressed syllable) – that’s how we pronounce “coconut”. If you say “coKO” (“ko” as the stressed syllable), then you’ll be saying “shit” (cocô) and I’m sure you don’t wanna drink shit :-P P.S. only buy it if it’s EXTREMELY cold! :-)


Sunset in Ipanema


Ipanema is right after Copacabana. Watching the sunset there is just heavenly, in my opinion. The sky usually gets that amazing tone of orange, yellow and blue – sometimes people even clap when the sun sets. Just… out of this world.

Spend the evening in Arpoador


Right, this is my favorite beach. On the sand in Arpoador, you can rent a chair and just stay there as the water comes to your feet, since there is just a small piece of sand til the water… Well, if you decide to stay longer at the beach, make sure you check those amazing rocks in Arpoador. Arpoador is just the beginning of Ipanema beach, so you can make it on foot from Copacabana. It’s just a lovely place to sit and talk, or just admire the view and look at the stars. Remember not to let it show you have an expensive camera… :-)

Leblon beach


Leblon is basically a continuation of Ipanema. It’s nice to go there too (Leblon is the most expensive neighborhood in Rio!)

Barra beach


This beach is nice but hard to get to. Barra is a bit far away, but if you have a few extra days in Rio then make sure you visit it. It’s also nice :-)

Right, that’s it for now. If you have any questions, ask me! Send me an email or something :)


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