We have a Bohemian neighborhood in the city and it is called Lapa. Every time I go there, even during the day, I get the feeling people are always happy and any day can be fun. Locals usually go there on Friday night (always the best day, always the most crowded day too). Alright, so what is Lapa exactly? It is an open area with lots of bars and pubs you can choose from. There is also a garden you can sit on, while having a drink with your friends. There are also little stands with food (usually hot dogs, burgers or bbq on sticks), so people usually hit those stands after 2-3am (usually hungry after going for a drink or after dancing at a pub). Make sure you try one of the many combinations of vodka and fruits, not to mention our caipirinha. If you want to visit Lapa during the day, you’ll see the Arcos da Lapa and the cathedral (some modern architecture – I’m not a fan of its outside, but it is really beautiful on the inside, even though I’m not very religious).


This is another pic I like (Arcos):


In the neighborhood, there is a very famous set of steps called Escadaria Selaron. It’s so colorful :) a Chilean artist called Jorge Selarón made it. He collected piles from all over the world, it’s amazing. You gotta see it (look for a pile from your country there, there is certainly one!):


At night, this is what Lapa looks like:


This is the cathedral:


Lapa at night:




Make sure you try our caipirinha:


All right, so I’ll see you in Lapa on Friday night! and keepenjoyingrio :)


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